How It Works

Find out how a Wollit Income Promise can give you the financial stability to enjoy a smoother life.

Quick Setup

Download our Apple or Android app and answer a few simple questions.

We’ll do some quick checks and let you know if we can offer you a Wollit Income Promise and how much it will be.

Accept the terms and set up your direct debit subscription to get up and running.

Instant Top-ups

We’ll calculate how much you’ve earned at the end of each month. If it’s less than your Income Promise we’ll offer you a cash top-up for the difference.

If you want the cash top-up just let us know and we’ll send it to your bank account right away.

We’ll send you a cash top-up every time you need one so long as it won’t take you over your credit limit and your subscription fees are up to date.

Flexible Repayments

In month’s you earn above your Income Promise we’ll look to collect any top-ups you owe us.

We’ll always let you know a few days before we collect any money from your bank account. And we’ll always make sure you are left with at least your Income Promise, even if you owe us more.

If you want us to postpone collection just let us know in the app and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


Stop Worrying

Always know what money
you’ll have coming in each month.

Instant Top-ups

Guaranteed cash top-ups exactly
when you need them

Designed just for you

Everything tailor-made to your
exact personal circumstances.

All safe and Secure

We take your info and security
seriously. Authorised by the FCA.

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