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Wollit makes it easy to access money when you earn less than normal, repay over time, build your credit score, and stay on top of your finances.

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Unlock financial health today!

Wollit helps you borrow without fear, save without stress and build credit with confidence. Download Wollit today to unleash your brighter financial future!

Income Smoothing

Get help with your bills

Borrow interest-free Cash Top-ups when you earn less than normal. Pay them back when your income improves. Avoid late fees, overdraft fees and high-interest loans.

wollit app
wollit app

Credit Building

Increase your credit score

Increase your credit score just by being a member of Wollit. Give your credit score the boost. The longer you’re a member, the more credit history you build up.

Money Management

Manage your money

Enjoy clear insights into your income and spending so you can budget and plan with confidence. Get real-time money alerts to avoid overdraft and late fees. 

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“Would recommend for anyone currently working different shift patterns and zero hours contracts.”


December 2020 – App Store

flexible workers in the UK

“Really great app, easy to understand. Amazing customer service as well. Fantastic value for money.”


July 2020 – App Store

self employed

“Great for my peace of mind. Sent me money quickly when I needed it. Love knowing Wollit is there for me.”


September 2020 – App Store

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Start a smoother life today

Interest-free cash top-ups

Personalised for you

Flexible affordable repayments

Avoid high-cost credit

Automatic credit building

Powerful money alerts

Financial peace of mind

Fast friendly customer support

Just £9.99 a month

No contracts or commitments. Cancel anytime

Representative APR.
Interest rate 0% p.a. (fixed). Monthly subscription fee: £9.99. Assumed credit limit £1,200. Representative 9.99% APR (Variable)

Everything you need for a smoother life!

Partner with us today to stabilise your income and de-stress your life.

Access to cash when you need

Get interest-free Cash Top-ups whenever you earn less than normal.

Designed just for you

Enjoy a completely personalised solution to your exact financial situation

Quick and easy application

No paperwork, complicated application forms or delays. Get up and running now.

Simple and affordable

Say goodbye to expensive fees, interest-rates and all that stress and uncertainty.

Feel more secure

With Wollit’s financial backup service you can worry less about your finances

Real-time support

Reach our friendly UK support team by phone, email or live chat.

Why we care

Money is broken. And people who don’t work a 9-5 are feeling it most. The financial system is oblivious to the challenges we face and current services make things worse. At Wollit, we believe people living a new kind of work-life deserve financial wellbeing just like everyone else. We develop products to make that a reality.
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wollit investors


Start your smoother life today

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