Championing the modern workforce

Wollit exists to bring financial wellbeing to people in flexible work so they can enjoy a happier, calmer, smoother life.

No one left behind

The world of work has changed beyond recognition. And it’s flexible workers who are feeling it the most. Not having access to income stability is a huge strain on financial and emotional wellbeing.

Wollit exists to help flexible workers be more financially stable and have access to financial services, usually only available to 9-5ers.

Whatever happens next, we’re ready...

The evolution of the modern workforce isn’t slowing down anytime soon. And as it changes, it’s going to bring even greater instability and challenges for more and more of us.

Wollit is dedicated to flexible workers, identifying their real problems, designing innovative solutions - so that they can live a happier, smoother life.

Team Wollit

We’re a growing team based in London who have all experienced living with irregular working patterns and unstable pay.

We’re building Wollit to be the world’s best financial partner for people in flexible work.

If you’d like to join us and help bring financial wellbeing to the modern workforce, check out our careers page.

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