Peace of mind for people in insecure work.

Enjoy instant cash boosts when your income is lower than normal. Never worry about low paychecks again. Coming soon...

Stop Worrying About Low Paychecks

Your Low Paychecks Boosted Automatically

Making life better for people on volatile incomes

Income Promise

Enjoy a Guaranteed Income despite your paychecks being volatile

Cash Boosts

Get instant Cash Boosts when your paychecks are lower than normal

Peace of Mind

Benefit from having certainty over your income and a guaranteed cashflow

How Cash Boosts work

Cash Boosts give you a stable predictable income by automatically boosting your low paychecks. They're instant, reliable, ethical and guaranteed!

  • Connect Your Bank Account

    We analyse your past paychecks and calculate an average. This becomes your Income Promise. We track your ongoing paychecks.
  • Get Interest-Free Cash Boosts

    Paychecks you receive below the Income Promise are boosted instantly to match it. Giving you certainty over your income.

  • Repay at Leisure

    Cash boosts are interest-free and repaid from future paychecks where you earn above the Income Promise. Simple!

Happy Customers


Sales Assistant

"Wollit Cash Boosts are there when I need them. I love how they're paid directly into my bank account automatically."


Bar Manager

"Wollit Cash Boosts are a life saver in months I don't get enough shifts ! They help me stay out of debt and stop me getting stressed."


Care Worker

"Wollit gives me the certainty and stability of a fixed income even though my paychecks are different each month."

Cash Boost Prices

Wollit is a subscription service.

Members pay a weekly fee for service access. Fees are fixed and not based on the size or number of Cash Boosts you receive.

Wollit monitors your bank account in real-time and detects your paychecks. If any are below the Income Promise, Wollit immediately transfers you the difference.

Fees are payable whether or not your account has any outstanding Cash Boosts

Simple Affordable Pricing

£3.99 / week

No interest-fees, or late fees.
Cancel anytime for any reason.

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