Financial wellness as a service

Partner with Wollit to offer your users a unique set of financial products to smooth their income and boost their wellbeing.

A stable income for everyone

15 million people in the UK now live without the financial security of a stable income, with wide-ranging negative effects on their wellbeing.

From admin, retail and wholesale, to health and social care - zero-hour contracts and irregular work patterns are now everywhere. The stress of not knowing how much you’ll be earning each month can make life really tough.

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It’s time to offer people a smoother life.

Wollit gives people on zero-hour contracts and irregular working patterns the new ability to take home the same amount every month - even if their hours and earnings fluctuate.

Thanks to Wollit, they’ll always know how much money they’ll have in the pockets each month - making their lives less stressful and easier.

Unlike payday loans and overdrafts, Wollit provides a safe, simple and sustainable solution to a painful problem experienced by millions of people.

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Partner with Wollit to drive revenue, acquire new customers and retain existing users.

There are many ways we can work together to offer Wollit’s financial wellbeing products to your users. Partnering with Wollit gives you not only a new recurring revenue stream but also a powerful user acquisition and retention tool.

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