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Wollit Credit Builder helps you fix bad credit and improve your credit score boosting your borrowing power and saving you £1000's on credit cards and loans.


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Pay your monthly fee on time

Each month we'll tell our partner credit agency that you paid your fee on time. Your payment gets added to your credit file building up your credit history.

Your monthly fee forms part of your loan agreement with Wollit, so the payments you make on time have special power to boost your credit score.


Watch your credit score grow

Each month we'll let you know that we've reported back the the credit agency successfully. You can also check things yourself on your credit file.

Very quickly you can expect to see your positive payment history reflected in your credit score and credit file.

Increase your credit score today

Your credit score is one of the most important keys to a better financial future. We partner with a major credit agency to build your credit score without needing a credit card.


Expect to see improvements to your credit score quickly


You don't need to do a thing, we handle everything for you


We uphold the highest standards and are authorised by the FCA


Credit score building resources

Enjoy free guides and resources to start building your credit history and improving your credit score today. Read more about credit scores on The Smooth

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Representative APR.
Interest rate 0% p.a. (fixed). Monthly subscription fee: £9.99. Assumed credit limit £1,200. Representative 9.99% APR (Variable)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wollit Credit Builder?

Wollit Credit Builder is a free service exclusively for Wollit subscribers which helps build your credit file to improve your credit score.

How does Wollit Credit Builder work?

Your monthly service fee forms part of a regulated loan agreement. We report each successful service fee payment you make to a credit agency. These payments build your positive payment history and show you honour your financial commitments which are some of the most significant factors affecting your credit score.

How long will Wollit Credit Builder take to affect my credit score?

This varies from person to person. If you pay your service fee consistently and on time every month you could expect your credit score to change after 3-4 months. The biggest increase is most likely to occur after paying your service fee consistently on time for 12 months. There are numerous free sites you can use to check your credit score.

What do I need to do to benefit from Wollit Credit Builder? 

Absolutely nothing other than to pay your service fees and repayments on time. The longer you subscribe to Wollit, the more credit history you build up.

Is Wollit Credit Builder really free?

Yes. Wollit Credit Builder is really free for Wollit members


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