Help end the 'pay panic' for your employees.

Zero-hour contracts and irregular working patterns are an unavoidable part of modern life, but the financial anxiety they bring often contributes to employees feeling less committed to their work and to you as their employer.

It’s understandable - if you don’t know what pay you’re bringing in each month, it’s much harder to budget, plan and feel good about life.

Income stability means a calmer, happier, more productive workforce.

Wollit is a new way for people on zero-hour contracts and irregular working patterns to take home the same amount every month - even as their hours fluctuate.

Wollit is an income smoothing service that uses a simple subscription model to balance the ups and downs of unpredictable pay. So there’s no need for riskier pay day loans or overdrafts.

No fees. No interest. No hassle.

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Attract talent, reduce turnover and increase loyalty with a wollit partnership.

Because wollit allows your employees to take home the same amount each month, even as their hours and earnings fluctuate - staff feel more financially secure, leading to a host of benefits for you.

Easier recruitment

Offset negative perception of contract styles and increase your competitive edge.

Reduced staff turnover

Reduce turnover by increasing your value to your staff and in turn gain loyalty.

Increased productivity

Without the stress of income instability, employees are freer to focus on their work.

Less stress & sick days

Reducing your employees income anxiety, means they’re less likely to take days off due to stress.

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