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Flexible workers and the coronavirus pandemic

April 29, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up our everyday lives.

Beyond health concerns, the pandemic has created unprecedented financial difficulties.

Our research shows this to be especially true for workers without a fixed income or permanent employer.

Wollit commissioned research by OnePoll to gauge how COVID-19 and the associated government lockdown measures were affecting zero-hour, gig and self-employed workers in the UK.

436 self-employed, sole traders, freelancers, gig economy, and zero-hour workers were interviewed between 30/3/2020 and 7/4/2020.

See our most notable findings here:

overall stat 1

zero hour stat 1

zero hour stat 2

gig worker stat 1

gig worker stat 2

contractor stat 1

contractor stat 2

Wollit’s mission is to bring financial wellbeing to everyone, and in particular the UK’s 15m freelancers, gig workers and those on zero-hour contracts.

Our first product, the Wollit Income Promise is an income stability tool which enables people to take home the same amount each month even if their hours or earnings fluctuate. It helps to reduce financial anxiety and lead everyone to a calmer, happier, smoother life.

Reach out to find out how we can help improve your financial wellbeing.