Welcome to Wollit

We are a technology company. We build financial products for people living a new kind of work life. Shift workers, freelancers and gig workers use our software to stabilise their income, improve their credit score and keep on top of their money – so they can enjoy a smoother life.

Money is broken for modern workers.

The world of work has changed beyond recognition. People in flexible work are feeling it most. The financial challenges they face have been ignored. Until now.

part time work
part time work

Wollit exists to fix it.

Wollit is a new kind of financial backup service for people living a new kind of work-life. We develop financial services modern workers need to live a smoother life.

We act with deep integrity.

We are dedicated to providing fair, affordable and ethical products which serve the long-term financial interests of our members and society at large.

part time work

Our backers

We are fortunate to be backed by several of the UK’s top technology investors as well as one of the worlds largest banks. Our investors share our passion and mission to bring financial health to people who need it most.

wollit investors
wollit investors
wollit investors
wollit investors

Our values and beliefs

Wollit is a mission-driven company looking to make life better for people. Our values and beliefs permeate everything we do.

Everyone deserves financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is a fundamental part of personal wellbeing. Without it life can be incredibly hard. We believe everyone has the right to financial wellbeing.

Technology is a force for good

Technology is a key catalyst in the advancement of humankind. We believe technology should be harnessed and embraced and brought to bear wherever it can do good.

No one should be left behind

We are all in this together. We are one. We are responsible for each other and social changes and advancements should benefit all of us not just the few.

People before profit

Money makes the world go around and we embrace capitalism deeply. We believe all our actions must positively impact our customers not just our pockets.

Join us on the journey

We’re a growing team. Our office is in Kings Cross, London but we’re working remote-first right now.

We have all experienced living with irregular working patterns and unstable pay and believe deeply about being a force for good and helping people live smoother lives.

If you’d like to join us and help bring financial wellbeing to everyone, check out our careers page.

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