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The nature of work is changing. The explosive rise of zero hour contracts, variable shift patterns, and the gig economy herald the end of financial security for millions.

The days of predictable wages and fixed hours are gone. In their place volatile paychecks and painful income shocks. Volatile income forces people to live in a financial twilight zone characterised by cashflow swings, reliance on extortionate credit and mounting debt.

Volatile income sucks people into the poverty trap. It is an acute financial problem pervading society across income and skill levels. It effects health, relationships and economic mobility. It damages productivity and burdens welfare resources.

Stable income is the key to financial health as it provides financial visibility and certainty. It boosts security and resilience and improves quality of life.

Wollit is a financial platform that gifts financial stability and peace of mind to those suffering the severe wide-ranging hardships of volatile income. With it’s Income Promise and Instant Cash Boosts, Wollit irons out income fluctuations and provides people visibility, certainty and cashflow when they need it most.

"The financial safety net for people in insecure work"

The cumulative effects of income volatility are so hated and pervasive over 90% of people would prefer to earn a lower salary that is stable rather than a higher one that fluctuates.

Wollit’s Income Promise and linked Cash Boosts give people in insecure work the financial security and visibility of a fixed salary despite not having one.

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