We're looking for extraordinary people to join our team.

Let's work together to solve one of the fastest growing financial problems of our age.

The future of work is bending towards casualisation spawning a large contingent workforce. Millions of people are being forced into insecure work and exposed to the toxic effects of wild income volatility.

Income volatility traps people in an unrelenting cycle of uncertainty that corrodes their financial stability and personal wellbeing. How would you cope without knowing how much you'd earn this week, next week or any other week? How would it effect your health and state of mind, your productivity at work or the lives of those around you?

Life with income volatility is life on a rollercoaster. Its a life without control or stability. Its a life of anxiety and fear.

Wollit's mission is to provide stability to the millions of people in the UK and elsewhere in insecure work who suffer the debilitating effects of income volatility. Through it's innovative Income Promise and Cash Boost model, Wollit aims to solve the pervasive problem of income volatility in a simple, affordable and ethical way.

We are actively recruiting for roles in technology (Platform/AI), Risk (Credit), Operations, Business Development and marketing.

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