The Future of Work & Income Volatility

The future of work is bending towards casualisation and spawning the creation of a large contingent workforce. 7 million Britons now find themselves in insecure work and exposed to the toxicity of income volatility.

Income volatility creates an unrelenting cycle of uncertainty that corrodes financial stability and personal wellbeing. Its damage spreads to all areas of life, not least health, relationships, and productivity.

The best antidote to a volatile income is a stable one. But labour markets have changed and the rigid employment patterns that guaranteed income stability for decades aren't coming back.

What if we could find a way to synthesis income stability? What if we could provide people a stable income despite their actual income being volatile?

What if we could give people an affordable safety net which gave them cashflow certainty and income stability. Could we be an ethical counterweight of stability in peoples otherwise volatile financial lives?

We think We can.

Wollit is a technology platform that provides peace of mind and financial stability to people in insecure work.